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  • Burbank December 2023 Events

    Burbank December 2023 Events

    The year is almost over but there still is time to attend holiday events: The Animation Guild’s Online & In Person Holiday MarketNow through December 18 Joys of the Season: Pacific Ballet Dance Theatre at the Glendale Performing Arts CenterDecember 9 at 7:30pm and 10 at 3pm Jackalope Art Fair Downtown BurbankDecember 9 & 10…

  • Nature Trails Status

    Nature Trails Status

    According to the Parks and Recreation department as of 1/14/2023 Stough Canyon and Wildwood Canyon trails are closed until further notice. https://www.burbankca.gov/web/parks-recreation/https://www.burbankca.gov/web/parks-recreation/nature-center

  • Historic Rainfall; Be Safe

    Historic Rainfall; Be Safe

    With the many inches of rainfall we are getting lately, please remember: Take your time, allow more time to your destinations, drive slower (your car can hydroplane at 50MPH). Tele-work if that is an option. Do not drive into flooded intersections. Be safe! Thank you!

  • Windy Days

    Windy Days

    Winter is upon us! Stay safe out there! The gusty Santa Ana winds and fire weather warning will continue until at least tomorrow 11/20/2022!

  • Burbank Water Restrictions September 2022

    Burbank Water Restrictions September 2022

    Burbank residents have been advised by the LADWP (Los Angeles department of water and power) in a press release and by BWP to stop all outdoor watering from September 6th-20th, 2022. A major pipeline will be repaired during that time and the water supply will be limited. Why now? Apparently the pipe is very old…

  • Art Fair Returns to Burbank in December

    Art Fair Returns to Burbank in December

    The art fair on San Fernando Blvd. will be back in December 2022. It is hosted by Jackalope, a company that hosts many art fairs around the area.