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  • Nature Trails Status

    Nature Trails Status

    According to the Parks and Recreation department as of 1/14/2023 Stough Canyon and Wildwood Canyon trails are closed until further notice.

  • Historic Rainfall; Be Safe

    Historic Rainfall; Be Safe

    With the many inches of rainfall we are getting lately, please remember: Take your time, allow more time to your destinations, drive slower (your car can hydroplane at 50MPH). Tele-work if that is an option. Do not drive into flooded intersections. Be safe! Thank you!

  • Windy Days

    Windy Days

    Winter is upon us! Stay safe out there! The gusty Santa Ana winds and fire weather warning will continue until at least tomorrow 11/20/2022!

  • Burbank Water Restrictions September 2022

    Burbank Water Restrictions September 2022

    Burbank residents have been advised by the LADWP (Los Angeles department of water and power) in a press release and by BWP to stop all outdoor watering from September 6th-20th, 2022. A major pipeline will be repaired during that time and the water supply will be limited. Why now? Apparently the pipe is very old…

  • Greetings!


    Welcome to the blog of Burbank! Tonight stay dry and warm inside as the forecast is for rain overnight!